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Design process


We understand the importance of trust when it comes to bringing your unique vision to life. That's why our design process is collaborative. With years of refining our co-creative approach, we begin by listening to grasp your ideas, inspiration, and vision for your custom piece. Drawing on our expertise in jewelry design techniques and traditions, we frame your concepts with a focus on optimal function, wearability, and affordability. Together, we embark on a journey to transform your vision into reality, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Inspiration and Concepts

Initially, we want to learn everything about your project. We will discuss your ideas, budget, timeline and early concepts to begin the design process

Week 1
  • Getting to know each other

  • Combining your jewelry dream with our process

  • Landing on a design concept and estimated cost

  • Assessment of heirlooms to be recycled and/or refining

Design and Review

We will share digital sketches, waxes or metal molds of the design for your approval and in order to finalize all details, with the exception of a precise fit.

Weeks 2–6
  • Finalizing design

  • Confirming all details

  • CAD /wax model/ sketched design

  • Review Meetings and editing/ making adjustments

Finalize and Deliver

We look forward to seeing you very happy with your finished piece and will make any final adjustments before you take it home.

Weeks 4–12
  • Gold casting and clean up (crafting your piece)

  • Setting diamonds and gemstones

  • final polish and finishing work
    Delivery day!

  • Insurance documents, care & maintenance, and warranty

Our master craftsman.
Your vision realized.

Beyond hand sketches and technical CAD designs, our commitment to excellence lies in the utilization of time-honored fine jewelry techniques meticulously executed by our master artisans and goldsmiths, all within our Frederick, Maryland studio. Whether you're designing for a wedding or transforming an existing piece into something new, our dedicated and expert team ensures that your journey is nothing short of exceptional.(meet team link?)

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Explore what’s possible.
We can meet in person or virtually. 

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