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Meet InBloom

Our team of designers, master goldsmiths, and professionals share one mission: to serve love through our artistry. Combining design expertise with advanced technical skills, we craft meaningful and enduring custom fine jewelry. Our clients' visions and inspirations are paramount as we weave their unique stories and personal expression into each piece.

Within the InBloom Jewelry gallery and shop, our studio is where our team casts designs, finishes settings, sets gemstones, and completes each piece—entirely in-house and by hand. It’s too precious to outsource. Passionate and meticulous, we are dedicated to crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry our clients will forever love.



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Owner, Designer & Goldsmith

Stacey Krantz

An award winning designer and goldsmith, Stacey has spent twenty five years cultivating a distinct design language deeply rooted in appreciation for the details of the natural world. Combining her design aesthetic with technical skills anchored in traditional techniques, her work presents a unique perspective. She finds her favorite creative experience to be working directly with clients and being inspired by their stories.

Her focus on mastery of traditional metal and goldsmithing techniques includes an expansive career studying many aspects of traditional jewelry making. Stacey started her study at the Maryland Institute College of Art Jewelry Center with Shana Kroiz. Her launch into custom fine jewelry was fueled by training with wax-carving expert Kate Wolf, advanced stone setting techniques under Blaine Lewis of New Approach School and private instruction with Sam Alfano; world recognized Master Engraver and pioneer of engraving education.

Gallery Manager & Designer

Mary Parry

As a lover of all things that sparkle, Mary has been in the jewelry industry for 8 years specializing in commitment jewelry and personalization. She had a deep passion for jewelry, especially pieces that commemorate a special moment or someone’s love story. She is a DCA, GIA, and IGI certified Diamontologist with vast knowledge in the complete process of jewelry making. A social media maven, she brings the studio to our clients with engaging in the moment videos and posts on Instagram and Facebook. Mary is a vibrant personality that loves all things unique and bold. As she always says “nothing is ever too big or too bold.” Outside of the jewelry world, Mary is an animal lover and can be found exploring nature with her three dogs. She is very excited to combine her knowledge of jewelry and passion for love to help create and find the perfect pieces for you.

Master Goldsmith

Libby Norris

A lifelong maker, Libby discovered the lure of jewelry making at a young age and first picked up the torch in 2001. Since then, she has worked in all facets of the jewelry industry, with the past 12 years spent in the fine jewelry sector. She brings the high standards and attention to detail required for luxury pieces as well as the passion and innovation of a born creator.

"I've always said that jewelry is never just an adornment, each piece we wear calls back to a moment in our lives that we will always remember. A family heirloom, a graduation present, wedding rings, even just a day when we decided to treat ourselves to something that delighted us, every piece has meaning. It's my privilege to have a part in giving those moments physical form"

Besides loving all things glittering and gold, Libby believes that you are never too old to play dressup and can often be found at medieval reenactments and renaissance faires. She also has a deep love for her cats, rubber ducks, and is addicted to popcorn

Gold Caster & Bench Assistant

Mary Sugrue

Mary joined the Inbloom team in June 2022 and brought the perfect mix of skills to manage the production of our gallery workshop. She majored in jewelry making and sculpture at Towson University, where she fell in love with casting. Mary is inspired by all 2D and 3D art, from metal sculpture and jewelry to woodworking, and anything you can create with your hands! With eight years of experience in project management, she also has the attention to help bring each client project to life. You’ll find Mary in the shop managing the production of all cast pieces, assisting Libby and Stacey with bench work, and managing the physical components of our client projects. Mary has a deep love of birds and nature. She grew up with the philosophy that any task or idea can be realized with proper planning, creativity, and effort. A philosophy that she says shaped her outlook on life personally and professionally. “ ‘Can’t’ was never a roadblock, just a detour sign.” She is very excited to combine all of her best skills at InBloom and expand them in a creative environment.

Production Manager

Jeremy Small

The newest addition to the InBloom Jewelry team, Jeremy, has been honing his skills for years. Initially as a goldsmith in the Midwest, then as a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) in southern California, and finally owning and managing a fine retail store in Oregon. After selling his store and relocating to Maryland, Jeremy continued to work with fine jewelry, conducting appraisals for local jewelers before joining InBloom Jewelry as our resident gemologist and production manager. He brings a well-rounded and comprehensive skill set that will greatly benefit our team and clients.

"Custom jewelry is truly my passion. Each piece is a personalized work of art and history. The techniques used to craft a ring can date back hundreds of years, and the gemstones themselves can be even older. We take these timeless elements and mold them into something deeply personal for each individual. There's so much to appreciate and love about custom jewelry."

When not immersed in work at the shop, Jeremy can be found cherishing moments with his lovely wife, chasing after their two young children, indulging in video games, and exploring local art shows for new and captivating pieces to adorn their home.

CAD Technician

Jonathan Oriza

Jonathan Joined InBloom in October 2022. He has an incredible can-do spirit and with ten years of experience, he brings his incredible technical skills to the team. After CAD training with GemVision in Illinois, Chicago, he worked in CAD product development where he gained a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. The 3rd generation in his family to pursue the Jewelry Industry, he grew up around jewelry design and sales. Interpreting 2d drawings into 3d models is a skill he is always proud of. "I love designing jewelry in CAD, I pride myself in attention to details, but always remember there is room for improvement.” In addition to his incredible skill and vision we love gushing over pictures of his sweet newborn.

Photographer & Marketing Manager

Katie Walsh

Katie joined InBloom in July 2015, she has a versatile mix of skills that have allowed her to be a jack of all trades over the years. Having studied both ceramics and literature, she is a creative soul. Her twelve years of experience in customer service and administration made her a perfect fit for our business.

As she grew with InBloom, Katie has mastered many aspects of the business from customer service to inventory management and logistics. Katie is now a powerful force behind our online and social media presence as well as InBloom's photographer. She especially loves documenting and sharing the beautiful "love stories" behind our custom projects.

Sales & Design Assistant

Andie Dennis

Andie joined InBloom during the early fall of 2023 to journey a new path in the world of design. Throughout the past 20 years she has spent her working days in interior design and furniture sales, assisting Nordstrom’s top selling personal stylist as well as outfitting countless clients during her role as a personal stylist with Anthropologie. She is thrilled to bring her own unique sense of style and design to the creative process of custom jewelry. Needless to say, she is passionately enthralled with all things design. Andie is in her element when spending time in the great outdoors, tending her plants, reading, attending gong meditations, relaxing at Gravel and Grind and watching indie, foreign and documentary films. Fun fact, she just joined a skeeball league!

Sales & Design Assistant

Lauren Shillinger

Lauren's love for jewelry was inherited at an early age from her amazing mom and then led to a job during her high school and college years at Bailey, Banks & Biddle. Recently Lauren completed her "Applied Jewelry Professional" certification from the GIA Institute of America. After graduating from Elon University with a degree in Corporate Communications and a minor in Business Administration, Lauren had a 12 year career in the electronic healthcare industry. Lauren is married to her husband Sean and they have two daughters. One of her daughter's was diagnosed as a baby with a rare genetic disorder called "Tuberous Sclerosis Complex", Epilepsy & Autism. Since her daughter's diagnosis, her family quickly connected with the TSC Alliance and National Epilepsy Foundation to begin volunteering, advocating, and fundraising for TSC and Epilepsy in their spare time. Lauren loves how jewelry can be a way to spread awareness for causes, can be your favorite part of your wardrobe and can be a way to express your personality. She loves all things sparkly, especially vintage pieces and everything created at InBloom. She loves working with clients to find a unique gift or design their dream piece of jewelry!