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Expert appraisals


InBloom Jewelry appraisals are expert evaluations designed to determine and document the accurate market value of your jewelry. Our certified Gemological Institute of America (GIA) gemologist will examine your item to identify and assess factors such as precious metal content, gemstone type and quality, and craftsmanship. They will also consider market trends, current metal prices, branding (if applicable), and gemstone market values. Our appraisals are comprehensive legal documents that include a detailed description of your jewelry, photographs, the appraisal method, and the market value.

While it's fascinating to understand the true value of your pieces (and we always love seeing them), it's crucial to have a current appraisal (within the last 3 years) to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage in the event of loss or damage (let’s hope neither happens). Appraisals are also valuable for estate planning, selling, and the division or distribution of assets.

Ensure your precious pieces are properly valued.

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