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The art of turning dreams into reality lies at the heart of what we do at InBloom Jewelry. Our designers and expert goldsmiths specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry that begins with an idea, a story, an inspiration. We love to incorporate personal details into your design—such as hidden engravings or gemstones from an heirloom. We offer an unparalleled collaborative design experience where imagination meets craftsmanship, bringing your custom dream jewelry to life. Express yourself. 


Explore what’s possible.

Collaborative design process

Stories and ideation  

Help us learn all we can about your story and vision for your project. We'll assess your current piece(s) and explore design and material options to kickstart your project.

1 week

 Design and approval

We'll present you digital sketches, wax or metal molds, to finalize your design. All details and final edits will be discussed and determined.

2-6 weeks

Delivery and cheers

We will ensure a perfect fit (and any necessary insurance bits) for your new, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry—forever yours.

4-12 weeks

No detail is too small

When designing custom jewelry, we bring emotions to life, so there’s no shortage of inspiration. We’ve heard it all! To the first meeting, you can solely bring your ideas, or also show pictures, mood boards, or any thoughts you have about the jewelry piece in your mind. We particularly find joy in the smallest details of your design - like hidden engravings or gemstones from an heirloom.

As we approached our 30th anniversary I wanted to get a piece of jewelry for my wife. In the back of my mind I always had the thought of incorporating geese into the piece (they mate for life). Originally planning this as a surprise I was unable to find anything that I was impressed with “over the counter”.
My wife has always admired Stacey’s designs and when I told her my idea she jumped at the chance to have Stacey design the piece for us. We showed up with only a very vague idea of what we 
wanted (geese, that was kind of it 😊). Stacey sat with us to get to know what we liked and after an hour or so of talking she had a rough sketch of a bracelet that was perfect.

–Mike Bernard, Google review

Stacey and her team are amazing! From the moment I walked into the store I felt like I was in an art gallery that was curating the loveliest design aspects from the natural world. When I mentioned my ring conundrum and what I was looking for, Stacey right away had several viable and interesting ideas for creating something that would be special just for me, yet would preserve the historical meaning of my original ring. Throughout the design process, communication was clear and the creativity spot-on. Pricing was very fair. I couldn’t have had a better outcome for my re-imagined wedding ring set, I just love it!

–Saffron Hawkins, Google review

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