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Heirloom Redesign Guide

What’s Hiding In Your Jewelry Box? From unworn to wardrobe staple

This beautiful topaz was among the many pieces of inherited jewelry that weren’t to our client’s taste. Set in an outdated pendant, it was something her grandmother wore daily. Now at home in our cluster setting, we were able to also set several diamonds from many of her other pieces.

We’ll start by reviewing your unworn fine jewelry items

This is where creativity sparkes original design. We’ll assess your pieces, decide on gemstones to re-use in the new pieces, and give you credit for the precious metal value of the remaining settings.

Our Co-Creative Process Takes The Lead

Tell us what is important to you. Will you wear your new ring or pendant daily? Or do you want something for a special evening out? What design elements inspire you? How can we honor the wearer in your new design?

Let’s Start a Conversation

Start by meeting with our design team. Let us know your vision and where you want to go with your project. We’re here to help get you there.

Creating the Next Generation's Cherished Heirlooms.

Jewelry is personal; it represents our love stories, the most important relationships of our lives. Let us help you honor and share your story.

We are always happy to help with any of your jewelry needs.

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