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Uniqueness, Artistry, Authenticity, and Nature

It was a pleasure to create this beautiful 20th anniversary set after meeting artisans Sandy and Jason at the Waterford Fair last year. They're the owners of Arterra Winery in Virginia, learn more about their beautiful vineyard here

"2020 has proven to be the most interesting year we've experienced in our lives thus far. A true test of resilience and a reminder of what really matters in this life. Through all the ups and downs at the end of the day if we can fall asleep laying next to each other with our two teenage boys safely hunkered down in their rooms, that is all we need, truly.

This year we celebrated our 20th Anniversary. We married when we were in our early twenties, high school sweethearts. Needless to say, over the years of our journey together our tastes have changed, our perspectives have changed, our marriage has evolved. We knew we wanted to “recommit” to the promise we made to each other 20 years ago. We decided to mark this evolution with a remaking of our wedding bands. We had no idea where to start or where to look. Uniqueness, artistry, authenticity and nature are at the core of our beings and our marriage. We knew we wanted to find this for the remaking of our rings. Then…….we found Stacey. We knew right away she was the maker who could capture our recommitment.

And that she did. Our rings embody our lives as artists, capturing our want for beauty and our need for function. Without much fanfare, through the christening of new rings, we are thrilled at this symbol of recommitment of many decades to come together."

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