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To Remember Me By

From Stacey:

Kathy popped into our gallery last winter, full of style, spunk, and enthusiasm! We loved helping her re-imagine future heirlooms for her family. She has since moved out of the area but will always be part of the InBloom Family!

From Kathy:

"When my mom passed away a long time ago, she had a few beautiful jewelry pieces. My two sisters and I were able to, fortunately, each have one of those pieces to remember her by. I have never really been too much into expensive jewelry or thought about buying rings, bracelets, or necklaces over the years. As I watch my daughters grow, become a mom and own their own business, I realize I wanted to be able to give them something when I am gone.

 Also, recently, my older sister had a very special birthday. I had the piece you see here custom designed for her to wear or sit on her spiritual table with all the things she meditates with. She was so very surprised and has loved this piece. She wears it on her video calls so everyone can see and keeps it in a special place.

I have a vision of what I want my two daughters to have. I am taking old birthstones and making them into a beautiful ring which you see here today. I am working on a necklace with my birthstone that will be redesigned and a bracelet that will blend with the bracelet I have from my mom as well. I even found a diamond ring from a long time ago that I want to split the diamonds 3/3 and have each one of my daughters design something to remember me by.

 I believe passing on creative jewelry to anyone in your life is very special. I have just started my journey and look forward to many new pieces!

 I am so glad I found InBloom. I was always hoping that I would find someone to fulfill my dream, and you were sitting in my own backyard!"

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