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The Engagement Ring Guide

Ready to get started but not sure what you're in for? Read on to get a basic idea of what to expect when shopping.

#1 Most Important Tip: Start a conversation & bring an open mind! We meet you where you are

Engagement rings come in all different shapes and styles. What are the things you can't compromise on? Is there a special stone that has to be the centerpiece? A special style? Do you have a budget to meet?

There is always a solution.

Once we learn what's important to you, we'll begin the collaborative process together to find the right ring.

Our team's combined expertise is at your disposal! We'll go to work using our professional resources, skills, and knowledge to come up with creative ways to meet your needs and wow the one you love.

A diamond solitaire is the gold standard engagement ring; iconic, timeless, and with endless variations. Here are some quick insights to get started on your journey

The Classic Diamond Solitaire
  • The most common diamond sizes we see requested for a solitaire engagement ring are between 3/4 and 1 CT.

  • Depending on whether you go with natural (mined) or lab (real diamonds grown in a laboratory), most 3/4 CT to 1 CT diamond solitaires will cost between $3 - 6,000.

  • Simpler settings with fewer accent diamonds will cost less than elaborate settings.

  • Diamond quality makes a big difference in cost! Read our article "Selecting a Diamond" to learn the 4Cs. Find it on our online Jewelry Learning Center.

Ready to create something truly spectacular with our design team?
  • The possibilities are literally endless! At our full-service shop, our design team can start with a sketch, carve wax or create metal models, or design in 3D with CAD digital software.

  • Scheduled Meetings throughout the process allow you to participate in every aspect of the design and truly collaborate to bring your vision to life

  • Freedom to make your decisions about each detail; metal color, stone choices, and finish of your ring.

  • Depending on the number and type of stones, complexity, and number of edits or revisions as you hone your design, custom engagement sets can be $5,000 and up.

“I had been holding on to a lovely tourmaline I bought in Colorado years ago. When my partner of 17 years and I finally decided to get married, Stacey helped me design a natural beauty of an engagement/wedding ring; so unusual and I get so many compliments— I couldn’t be happier with the result!”

-Nicole, Google 5-star review

Bling On A Shoestring

Need something unique and beautiful without breaking the bank? Here are some great ways to keep the price down.

Come into the gallery and let us know where you are. We'll help you get the most out of your budget.

  • Alternative center stones offer endless possibilities and can be a fraction of the price and can help you get the wow factor without the cost.

  • Opt for a non-traditional diamond like a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. Because they are essentially diamonds that don't have the typical sought-after qualities, they are a fraction of the cost.

  • Go for a simple ring with an exquisite design! Our minimalist rings with under a 1/4 CT diamonds give us all the engagement feels and are under $1200.

We are always happy to help with any of your jewelry needs.

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