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To Mark Her Birth

"Kayla was born December 23, 2003. Her Grandmothers, Nanny, and Grammi, were each given a necklace made up of three Tanzanite stones set in white gold to mark her birth. Unfortunately, Nanny is no longer with us but specified that her necklace be returned to her daughter-in-law."

"Grammi had been discussing with the family an idea of something special to mark Kayla’s 18th birthday. My daughter Stephanie made me aware of the necklace having been given back and, putting our heads together, decided a piece using the stones of the two necklaces would be a great remembrance and a very special piece of jewelry. Grammi also found a gold chain given to her by her grandmother as a young girl to add to the piece."

"Kayla has always loved insects, so when Stephanie and Grammi met with Ms. Krantz, we conveyed this information to her, and the design process was off and flying. Ms. Krantz came up with several great ideas, but we especially liked the Cicada wings. We met several times as the design process – drawings, molds, and mockups- was evaluated and tweaked. Excitement was rising with each discussion. We decided to add a small diamond. Something just Kayla’s."

"We had a very emotional presentation of the finished piece at the shop. Kayla discovered it in a display case along with wishes for her birthday. Ms. Krantz and her staff made this happen in such a laid-back but exciting event."

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