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Timeless Keepsake

Lisa came into the studio wanting to create a memorial piece to wear for her wedding using her grandmother's jewelry. It was a pleasure to make this necklace for the occasion.

"Family has always been very important to me so I was very much looking forward to having them all together. Unfortunately, two very special people were missing from that day. My grandparents passed a few years ago and I knew I would miss having them there to watch me marry the man of my dreams. We still had my grandmother's engagement ring and I decided that I wanted to turn her diamond into a necklace so I could have a piece of my grandparent's love story with me that day. They were married for over 70 years!

"My mother was thrilled at the idea and knew the perfect place to go, InBloom Jewelry! One day when we were talking about potential designs for the necklace, I told her that it would be nice to add a pearl to go with the diamond to make the necklace a classic wedding look. I was shocked to learn that my mother also had a pearl that belonged to my grandmother that she never had the chance to turn into a necklace. I couldn't believe it and was so excited to get working on the piece!"

We made an appointment to meet with Stacey who had done jewelry for my mother in the past. After a few short minutes and a few quick questions, Stacey knew exactly the look I was going for and what settings could be used to make my dream a reality.

She thought of everything! From the pendant to the chain, she knew exactly what would work to make the timeless keepsake I had in mind. I couldn't have been happier with the finished product! It means so much to me that I will have a piece of my grandparents with me to wear not only for my wedding but for years to come.

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