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There's Almost Nothing That Humor Can't Fix

On occasion my task is straightforward. After having lost her father then her mother my dear childhood friend (we met in kindergarten!) asked me to help her transform her mother’s ring into something she could wear everyday.As she shared the details it became clear that the only thing to do was keep the diamond in it’s setting and turn it into a necklace.

“Her engagement ring is called an orange blossom setting which is meaningful to me because they honeymooned in Florida and it’s where we went every year for vacation (St Pete Beach). My mom always told the story that Scott ran into the ocean once when he was little and came back and said “Mom this is love”. We were so fortunate to have parents that set such a great example of what love and marriage are."

"We saw unconditional love, selflessness and humor every day. My Dad knew how to turn my Mom’s mood around with a witty comment. I loved that. There’s almost nothing that humor can’t fix or at least make a little more tolerable.”

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