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The Wonder Twins

Here's another wonderful project I was able to create for my friend Betsy and her friend Beth.

"Summer 1985. Babe Ruth World Series. Princesses. That is how I met my best friend. She was a year older and went to a different high school. No matter, 35 years later she is still my best friend. Pinky rings, Wonder Twins…the originals were gold dome rings, so 80’s.

These are a bit more sophisticated and certainly more meaningful. Beth had these made to celebrate my 50th birthday, one for each of us. White gold, hand etched with a birthstone for each of us - a diamond for me and an emerald for her.

She and Stacey pulled off such a wonderful surprise and I truly had no idea.

I am so fortunate to have such wonderful friends. Stacey and I were friends and teammates in high school and we reconnected when she moved back to Frederick 16 years ago. It means so much to me that two of my dearest friends partnered up to create this special gift.

Thank you, Beth and Stacey, ~ I love you both!!

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