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The Thanksgiving Love story

Through the years they have been a constant source of support & encouragement. They are the ultimate InBloom cheerleaders, we wouldn't be where we are without them! I'm honored to share their love story this week. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful holiday season.

"Five years ago we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary! This is the picture of our precious family at that celebration in our backyard. Our wonderful daughter, Stacey, and my amazing husband, Richard, conspired behind my back for Stacey to create an extraordinary ring to commemorate that occasion and I cherish it far more than words could possibly express!

The engagement diamond Richard gave me in 1965 was lost several times over the years and was occasionally needing the prongs checked so when he told me he was taking my ring to Stacey to make sure the setting was secure, I thought nothing of it! On the night before the anniversary party, he presented me with the most beautiful and meaningful ring that I will treasure forever!

The original diamond he gave me is in the center and the gorgeous gold band is adorned with four white diamonds, representing our four daughters, seven blue diamonds standing for our seven grandsons and two green ones for our two granddaughters! It is arranged in such a way that each of our daughter’s white diamonds are surrounded by their children’s blue or green diamonds.

This ring so epitomizes the amazing love we have celebrated for over 50 years and our extraordinary family that gives us incredible joy everyday of our lives!  The most amazing part of it all is that our wonderfully talented daughter, Stacey, created it for me!” 

Thank you, Stacey, for being our jeweler extraordinaire!

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