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The Magnolia Tree was His Favorite

Thank you, Amber, for sharing the love story behind this very special project.

My husband, Jim, passed away in January of 2022. I knew that I wanted to have his ring made into a piece of jewelry that I could wear in honor of him early on, but I had not decided on a ring until much later in the year.

As I was driving to lunch one day in Frederick, I happened to look over and see In Bloom, which caught my attention immediately with the unique styles featured in the windows. I decided to stop in after lunch just to look; I wasn’t anywhere near being ready to have something made. Symbolism is a big thing for me, and it was for Jim as well; I wanted to continue to wear my wedding rings for at least through the entire first year after his passing as part of my grieving.

I stopped in in October and told my story to Stacey who then sat with me to discuss design and timeline. After explaining that I wasn’t prepared to have anything made until at least the year anniversary she was more than happy to have a longer process time in making the ring. 

 Over the next few months, we did design meetings, fittings, and consults to make the perfect ring that would, for me, be my memorial piece for Jim. He loved nature, and the magnolia tree was his favorite. I chose that flower as the main element and picked a ring in the showroom to base the rest of the design off of. I could not be happier with how it turned out, and I think Jim would have loved it too.

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