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The Human and Canine Connection

A fluffy and four legged guest arrived in my studio last Fall, it’s attention was fully focused on my client Janet. A connection between a dog and a human of this caliber was completely transfixing.

Janet explained she was training her for the Warrior Canine Connection, an organization based in Boyd’s, MD whose mission is to assist Veteran Warriors recovering from the stress of combat to reconnect with their lives, communities and families. Incredible!

She and her husband are both deeply committed to this organization. Janet even hand sews all the vests the Warrior Canines sport in their service. She makes them in all sizes so they grow learning to wear them! 

Visit the website to learn more!

In coming to the studio, they did have a project in mind and we eventually focused our attention to designing a nature inspired necklace combining all the diamonds inherited from a passionate jewelry loving Aunt.

It also included a large diamond from a tie tack gifted to them on their wedding day which they were excited to get into a piece that could be worn all the time.

Step by step we landed on a dimensional piece to be worn on a long chain. Hand constructed in various golds - it was a fun engineering project. It’s easy to find the energy to create for such a loving and giving couple.But let’s just agree this one is all about the puppies!

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