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The Essence of Us

"I was so excited to take my engagement set, which primarily stayed in my jewelry box, and make it into an expression of my favorite people.”

"Working as a midwife, I needed something with more rounded edges and a low profile, and I wanted to reflect my love of nature. "

"Most importantly, after 16 years of marriage, 3 daughters, 2 elderly pups, and 6 chickens later- I wanted something that reflected our love."

"Stacey was quick to provide guidance, ideas, options, and her time. I was immediately attracted to the natural style of branch work and asymmetric layout."

"She met with Bob and me to really get a sense of the essence of us."

"She gave suggestions and options, and it was remarkable to watch how she integrated each request into a work of art."

"We received updates every step of the way and felt really cared for.


Every time I catch a glimpse of this ring on my finger, oxytocin just warms my soul.

Thanks again!"

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