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The Engagement Ring

Betsy is a very dear friend who has supported InBloom for a long time. I was thrilled to create her stunning engagement ring a few years ago. Thank you for sharing Betsy!

"My first engagement ring was a black plastic spider ring with 7 1/2 legs. I called him Stumpy and I still have him. And yes, we got engaged around Halloween. My replacement or upgrade was a pear shaped solitaire in white gold, classic, elegant and lovely. I wore it daily for over twenty years between my wedding ring and my grandmother’s anniversary band. As our twentieth anniversary approached my husband and I talked about having my stone reset.

Of course my first thought was to talk to Stacey. I adore vintage jewelry especially Art Deco designs and I had found a vintage ring that I wanted to use as inspiration. When I showed it to Stacey and told her my thoughts I remember very clearly her saying to me “you want me to put square sapphires around a pear shaped diamond?” I innocently said "yes, why is that difficult?”

The finished ring is stunning and Stacey designed it so that my wedding band and my grandmother’s anniversary band fit underneath without being hidden."

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