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The Color Of Hope

We worked long distance with Tyler and Catherine to create this beautiful and meaningful ring. The entire process was an absolute pleasure.

Here's the Story in Catherine's Words:

"The ring was designed with a lot of symbolism for us. We wanted something that had lines that referenced nature, and trees, as within our relationship, we have referenced plant growth and all that is necessary to grow a strong tree or plant. Patience, time, and daily nutrition. The shape of the ring symbolizes our relationship, and the stones symbolize the four of us that are fruits of the relationship but also members of the relationship."

"Tyler and Ben (son), both in blue sapphire, and Maya (daughter) and myself in pink sapphire. We chose to have a larger yellow sapphire in the center to symbolize the future. Yellow is a color of hope and the sun, energy, and strength. These were our ideas when we designed the ring, but I find it a million times more special because I am pregnant, and I see the baby girl as the yellow sapphire, the hope, and the product of all four of our loves. What is even more special is her due date is in August, which is the month of the sun."

"I look at my ring every day and smile to know all five of us are there. I was a week pregnant at the wedding, so we have been all together from the beginning.

Thank you, Stacey, for capturing exactly what I tried to communicate. You are an incredible artist to be able to capture feelings and ideas in your artwork."


Catherine & Tyler


Photo Credit for Wedding Photos: Hazel Photographers

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