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The Beth Ring

Melody's project was one of the most unique I've been tasked to create. With a history leading back 200 years, the story is as unique and interesting as the ring.

“In the early 1800’s an engagement ring was made for my husband’s great great grandfather's fiancé. The fiancé was named Elizabeth. Becoming his bride and wife, she wore the ring until her death. True to Elizabeth’s wishes, the ring was bequeathed to the oldest daughter of the following generations; with the condition that the daughter had the name “Beth” in her name.

Generations to follow:


Marjorie Beth

Beth Ann

Kathleen Elisabeth

Not being a “Beth” but a sister in-law, I ask if it would be okay to have a local talented and creative jeweler (that’s Stacey Krantz😊!!) make a duplicate ring for my own. Beth Ann was gracious to allow me the honor of making a “duplicate” ring. She provided photos of the ring, I shared the photos with Stacey, owner of In Bloom Jewelry and told her our family story.

Remaking the original ring and keeping the original design was a key element that I asked Stacey to produce and she did! But after seeing the ring at the final fitting, Stacey suggested adding a slight embellishment of diamonds from my own collection. I agreed and the ring absolutely popped with sparkle!

The ring has a really special place in my heart. I love wearing it every day! And the rest of the story…My husband and I do not have a “Beth” or any children of our own but we are planning to bequeath the ring to our oldest (and only) nephew. A new tradition!


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