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The Belle Pendant

"There is no way I can recapture the energy, freedom, and love I shared with Belle. With the flowing of water downstream, the blowing of the wind, or the graceful fall of the first snowflake, I feel Belle."


This story needs no introduction, Thank you Sarah for sharing:

"Belle was selfless; She enriched my life & without words, we were connected. Belle was the love of my life & I defined myself by supporting her on her path.

Uplifting another to live their truest path is not only what Belle & I did for each other, but it’s also precisely what Stacey of InBloom did for me."

"Belle & I spent the majority of our time in nature. A lifelong runner, Belle was Mom’s runner girl. Belle LOVED WATER. From my niece, Kira’s slip & slide, kiddie pools, making out with the high-powered sprinklers during our runs, the Outer Banks ocean, the Potomac River, creeks, every fountain within the entire Frederick city limits,….to the stream that runs through Rose Hill Manor Park."

"From the initial meeting with Stacey at InBloom when I shared my basic idea to subsequent meetings where we honed conceptual themes, key design elements were carried forward to the final pendant. Stacey reads you; She truly listens. There are artistic suggestions, opportunities to collaborate, patience, communication,….This is truly personal."

"The simplicity of Belle’s name is everything. Coalescing Stacey’s design element into the letters of Belle’s name symbolizes Belle’s love of water and reminds me to flow forward. A salt & pepper diamond represents the white eyelashes and grey face I so deeply miss. The energy & design process at InBloom allowed for healing & I’m in love with the final product."


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