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The 3G Design

It was my honor to create this very personal and heartfelt memorial piece for Donna, and I'm touched she chose to share her story for our "Love Stories" series.

"My 16-year-old and youngest son, Grant Windbeck, was killed in a car crash on 6-18-2019. In the wake of his loss, a family member gifted me a gold-plated steel necklace with a pendant to commemorate his death. A beautiful simple medallion design with a heart in the center and a “G” to one side.

I put the necklace on and did not take it off. I often found comfort in rubbing the pendant between my fingers when I would get sad or think about Grant. As time passed, the pendant began to show its wear and tear. I wanted to replace the original with a piece that would hold up better to the passing of time.

That’s when I found Stacey Krantz, “The Lady Jeweler”! She was willing to craft a replacement pendant from gold. She was able to take the original pendant, a blue heart-shaped diamond I had, and a scripture-inspired idea, to make a stunning pendant in 14k gold. In the Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 10:24, it reads, “that it is only in and through the grace of God that ye are saved”. “Given by the grace of God” stuck in my mind! Then I thought to myself Grant starts with the letter “G” and he was given by God’s Grace to be my son!

Granted by the Grace of God…the ”3G” design with the heart still in the center was realized. I am so grateful to God for gifted and caring people like Stacey to make this design a wearable reality for me. The design was so amazing that I had her make an additional pendant in white gold with a clear diamond. Thank you Stacey for taking the time to SEE my sorrow and comfort a grieving mother. Grant is in God’s Grace now and I know I will see him again. I look forward to that day!

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