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Shining Forever in the Sun

From Stacey:

Karen came to me with a very specific request. She wanted to use her and her late husbands wedding bands in a redesign of her engagement ring which included a sun.

I was happy to oblige, and suggested we use the gold from their bands to create the bezel to surround her diamond. She shared a photo of them and beyond question you can feel the sun shining through their smiles.

In Karen’s words:

“I was married to my husband for 25 wonderful years when I lost him to brain cancer. Our favorite place to take a vacation was always at the beach. We would sit for hours on the beach, holding hands, and soaking up the sun."

"I wanted to have a piece of jewelry that I could wear everyday to remind me of our great life together. I wanted to incorporate metal from both our wedding rings, my diamond, and the sun. Stacey designed a beautiful ring for me. I never take it off. I feel like he is always with me. Thank you Stacey!”

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