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Practical and Personal

This is a great example of creating a piece that is both beautiful and suited to the customer's needs and lifestyle. Holly is very active and rides horses, so she needed something that she could wear without fear of getting caught as she rode.

 "Some 20 years ago, during a very amicable divorce, I offered to return my engagement diamond to my soon-to-be ex-husband as it had been a family gem. To my surprise, he wanted to replace it with something. So off we went to the jewelry store where a very confused jeweler removed the diamond from my rather complex setting and resized the ring for my right hand. We picked out a lovely dark blue sapphire that was larger than the diamond, so the setting ended up being quite high above the rest of the ring. That was fine, for awhile. However, I took up riding shortly after and that sapphire was often in the way. I wore the ring less and less and realized that I often was riding my horse with the ring in my pocket -- not a great situation. Eventually, I stopped wearing it completely with the idea that someday I'd have it remade."

"Many years later, my mother passed away and left me a white gold engagement ring. Sometime later, my father was in hospice and he wanted to give me his heavy, yellow gold wedding ring. I told him I'd make a ring from my old wedding set with some of his gold and mom's gold -- and that made him very happy. I was intimidated by the search for a jeweler and put it off for a bit. Finally, I googled custom jeweler near me and woman. I felt a woman jeweler would listen to me and help me incorporate all the special parts into one bling-y but classy ring with the stone set low. The google search led me to Stacey and off I went for a consultation armed with three rings and one photo of a ring I liked. It went perfectly! She completely understood what I was trying to accomplish and quickly sketched out a concept. I knew I was in good hands!"

"It did end up being a bit of a complicated project requiring computer design work and we tweaked the design a few times before we both were happy. We ended up with several special details, including small Celtic knots on the side to honor my father's Irish heritage and a small heart on the inside with gold from his ring. The end result is everything I wanted. I wear the ring while riding my horse with no problem and every time I look at it I think of my parents and smile."

"Thank you to Stacey"

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