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My Constant Adventure Buddy

Love this beautiful story from our client who got married last year, thank you for sharing Jennifer!

"My mother met Stacey at a craft show several years ago. After talking for a while, my mom found out all about Stacey's jewelry making business. My grandmother had left my mother several pieces of jewelry which were not getting any use due to the out of date style. This is how my mom started to work with Stacey to create gorgeous necklaces from my grandmother's old jewelry, which my sisters and I received for holidays."

I was lucky enough to meet my now husband 4 years ago through tinder. I was working as a travel nurse in Reno, NV and was not looking for anything serious. After a 9 hour first date, which kept going due to the fact that Reno never closes, I knew I wanted to spend more time with Viru (my husband). Over the years, Viru became my constant adventure buddy and biggest supporter. We moved in together and began planning our future.

When Viru proposed back in December, he proposed with a necklace, which is an Indian tradition. He said I could pick out any ring I wanted, so I knew immediately I wanted Stacey to make my ring. I have never been an off the rack kind of girl. I work as a nurse and like outdoor activities, neither of these are easy to do with a big diamond stone protruding from your finger. I designed a branch inspired ring utilizing two of my grandmother's diamonds! I was able to do most of the work with Stacey over the phone and through email, since I was living in Florida at the time.

I am beyond thrilled with how the ring turned out. I have been wearing it for a little over 3 months now and it feels like a second skin. Everytime I look down at it it makes me smile. I know my ring might not be everyone's style, but Stacey is great at capturing each client's unique taste.

I can not wait for many more years with my husband and hope someday he will get me another ring designed by Stacey for our anniversary "

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