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Make Them Just for You

Enjoy this special love story from my cherished friend and fellow Artist Margaret Hluch:


"My mother, Barbara J. Herberger was from Chicago, Illinois where she met my Dad, Bob, who was attending Dental school there. They fell in love, married in 1954 and moved back to Ohio where my Dad originally had lived. He then began his private practice west of Cleveland in Elyria, Ohio. She left her family behind in the big city and began her own life with her husband in this growing suburb in the buckeye state."

"Married many years, they produced seven children: two boys and five girls. During those years of growing up my Mom also was adept with her hands. She painted, made jewelry, dabbled in decoupage, became a master seamstress, knitted and quilted. She was always working on something in her sewing room. All of the daughters, including myself, worked with their hands as well. Knitting, sewing, jewelry making, quilting, and weaving, especially for me, captured our interests.

My father died much too soon at 68 from cancer but my Mom continued on with the arts and crafts which she dearly loved. I think the sewing room was her saving grace from the sadness and pain of losing her husband, my father.

My Mom developed an unusual neurological disease in her late 70’s. She was very sharp and confident throughout her life, but something had changed. The doctors had a difficult time producing a diagnosis because of the rarity of the brain disease. Unfortunately, that disease was responsible for her demise three years later."

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