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Love Reunited

I so enjoyed creating a reimagined wedding ring for this beautiful couple. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing!

"Branden and Elizabeth met during high school in Frederick. They shared mutual friends and enjoyed each other’s company but never progressed beyond friendship. They often thought about one another over the years, but life happened and they moved in different ways. That is until they reconnected in Boulder, Colorado during the spring of 2003. Both had experienced a lot since parting ways at the end of high school. However, the friendship picked right up where it was left and blossomed into more. It was as if their paths had crossed out of fate and both were there for one another as they grew up and faced the world together."

"2020 was when they decided it was time for a refresh. They worked with Stacey to create a custom ring from Elizabeth's former engagement ring that had been sitting in the jewelry box since they got married in 2008. The ring just never seemed to capture their unique story, it was meant to be reimagined and Stacey was able to exceed their expectations!"

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