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Lab Partners

A very sweet love story and an incredible anniversary ring! Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing!

"Jennifer and Chuck met at a 6th-grade dance held at Middletown Middle School in the school’s cafeteria. They became boyfriend and girlfriend that year, whatever that meant, basically eating lunch together each day and spending recess together until Summer vacation arrived. Jennifer broke up with Chuck through a friend; traveling between Middletown and Wolfsville would have been too far over the Summer months. The next year in 7th grade, they were assigned as lab partners in Mrs. Thorpe’s Science class; Chuck would not speak to Jennifer; it definitely made dissecting a frog interesting. At some point in high school, Chuck must have forgiven Jennifer for his broken heart, and they became best friends throughout their time at Middletown High School. Upon graduation, Jennifer left for Towson University, and Chuck left for Newport, Rhode Island, to attend the Naval Academy Preparatory School before attending the Naval Academy in Annapolis."

 "Fast forward to 1992, Chuck made the difficult decision to leave the Naval Academy and was home for the Summer deciding his future college path. The day was May 29, 1992, when they ran into each other at a mutual friend’s gathering and have been together ever since. This year in April, they will celebrate their 25th Anniversary; Jennifer wanted to put her wedding set, along with another ring Chuck had given her over the years, into a new whimsical setting. Stacey and her talented team did not disappoint. We were so grateful to work with the knowledgeable staff at InBloom.

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