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Jewels for A Jeweler's Mother

Our goldsmith Libby shares the special piece she created from her mother's unworn jewelry.

"Ironically, my mom has never been a big jewelry person. My parents bought their three-piece wedding set from a mail-order catalog in the '70s, two matching wedding bands, and a modest engagement ring. That diamond sat mostly unworn since my eldest sister was born. See, mom used cloth diapers, and the setting would scratch her tummy when she went to fasten the safety pin. By the time my sister was out of diapers, my brother was born, and then me not long after. At that point, it had been seven years, and she just never got in the habit of wearing anything but her wedding band. 

Dad tried again when I was about five. She'd asked for a toaster oven for Christmas but the box contained another box, and then another box, all the way down to a ring box with a seven-stone diamond anniversary band. Said kitchen appliance was hidden out in the garage, but that ring was dubbed "Mom's toaster oven" for all time and remains a favorite family story. But still, it stayed mostly in the jewelry box.

Not long after I started working at InBloom, we finally decided to turn those pieces into something she could wear and enjoy. We decided on Stacey's lavender swoop necklace and matching earrings. The engagement diamond represents mom and dad, the seven small stones for the three kids and four grandkids, and a diamond in each earring for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law because the set would not be complete without them!

Unbeknownst to Mom, I replaced two of the petals in the design, the ones holding her first diamond, with two petals carved from the band of her engagement ring.

She adores her new set and the memories it represents and uses any excuse to dress up a little and show it off. For my part, it was so special to be able to create them for her, and Dad and I love that she's finally wearing her engagement ring after almost 50 years!"

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