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Inspired by the Little Prince

From Stacey:

Haley’s concept sketch inspired by the novel The Little Prince really blew me away. I knew I was meeting a unique couple, and that she sure can draw! Read how the novel became a symbol for them for their two ceremonies both here in DC and in Taiwan. Enjoy!

From the couple:

“We met during college through mutual friends. However, Corey was in school in Montreal and Haley in Baltimore. We met in person the first time in the summer of 2013 after Corey drove down for 16 hours from Montreal to meet Haley in her hometown of Marietta, Georgia.

The Little Prince has always been Haley’s favorite children’s story. It’s representation of love, friendship, and sadness shaped Haley’s teenage years. It's story about loneliness and love also reflects the time we were dating long distance. We had shared our first kiss while Corey was reading the Little Prince to Haley in French one morning during that visit.

We had our first wedding ceremony in Virginia in November. It was a simple ceremony to bring together all our close family together for the first time. We had the ceremony in our condo and finished off the evening with a lovely dinner in Washington DC.

Our second wedding ceremony happened the following year in December in Kaohsiung Taiwan. The ceremony was a traditional Buddhist wedding. It brought together all of our friends, Haley’s extended family in Taiwan, and Corey’s family. After the wedding, we also toured several cities in Taiwan together with our friends and family, before departing for our honeymoon in Japan.”

“We love the rings you made for us and how they capture and symbolize the story of our early relationship.”

- Haley

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