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I'm excited to share this beautiful story from a very dear longtime client, I'm always excited to work with her, and this project was no exception.

"These beautiful jewels are called Hope, with Mothers’ love underlying them. My Mother passed away at 95; my Mother-in-law at 98, but 10 years apart. My Mother-in-law had a traditional brooch with three small emerald-cut emeralds that my husband brought her from Colombia many years ago as a young soldier. Emeralds are my birthstone. Both Mothers had traditional wedding bands with small diamonds. Our kids are both married, so all of these pieces are free for redesign in other forms. Stacey’s flower cluster design had appealed to me for some time as a perfect way to incorporate all the stones in a pendant and matching earrings. Then the Corona Virus struck. I asked myself whether it made sense to do this. Ultimately, this is a leap of hope that we will get through this tragic time and come out of it better. I will have a lovely set that combines brilliants from both families, that I will wear for happy occasions and one of the women in my family will inherit and enjoy as well….and serendipity, Stacey made it ready for us on our 36th anniversary!"

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