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Honoring while letting go

Dian is a lovely and vivacious woman, and I had the joy of meeting her shortly before she lost her husband of 51 years.

We met her a few years a go at the Nashville Antique and Garden show. This year, she came back to the booth with her sister and together, they lit the whole place up! We were completely entranced by their joy and fun positive energy, and we had a fantastic time visiting with them.While at the booth, Dian had been drawn to my multi-petal design. She shared with me that she had lost her husband that past year. She said that eventually, she would want to take off her wedding ring, but before hand, she wanted to have something to wear as memorial to him and their marriage.

After a few follow up emails back and forth, she mailed me her husband's ring. The band had 5 diamonds, so I modified the setting of my design to place her husband's diamonds in the new ring.Then, after reviewing the design, Dian gave me the go ahead and I completed the ring in yellow gold. I finished the ring with the soft matte finish that Dian loved so much in the booth model.

Design proof, in wax

Completed design

It was an absolute pleasure working with Dian, from the moment she stopped into our booth, and I was honored to take on the responsibility of creating such a personal piece.

Dian and her husband

When asked if she had any advice for younger couples after 51 years of marriage: "Hopefully you are not both ready to leave on the same day!!"

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