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We loved helping Joe surprise Tracey with this beautiful remake last! Thank you, Tracey, for sharing the story behind the ring.

"2019 took Joe and me to the beautiful island of Hydra in Greece, a place without cars and no point where the sea is not in sight. We spent the week on foot exploring the island and its mountains from end to end, passing through hamlets that served up great wine, olives, cheese, and warm pita bread, only outdone by the warmest hospitality and memories. At the port on the last day, wandering around for gifts to bring home, we met “Tom Selleck.” I can’t remember his real name, but he was a lively shop owner who talked up a storm about his days in San Francisco in the ‘60s, accompanied by mustached photographic proof to prove the resemblance. Without a pause, we were cast under a smooth pitch, after which he deftly sent us off with the loveliest ring with a blue center to secure the memory of our Aegean adventure. The ring never came off, and by the end of 2021, the yellow gold covering was silver, and the band had thinned to within a bit of its life. I really wanted to preserve it. 

"The first jeweler would not commit to the nature of the stone; the second one said it was not worth resetting and asked that it be picked up.


Stacey took in the story and took some time to evaluate the request. At our next meeting, she went from “it’s glass” to ideas. We found a matching stone. She knew a cutter. She suggested adding bling. Joe liked the bling. I just said I wanted the same ring. She kept my ring and took Joe’s number. I need to add that the staff was so helpful and such enthusiastic participants. Two months later, our dog came to greet me with a surprise around her neck. The result was better than I could have imagined.

Thank you, Stacey and staff, but most of all, thanks, Joe. I love our story."

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