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From the Vault

Truly a unique story! It was such fun working with Laurie to create her beautiful pieces.

"Precious stones and precious metals have an energy which captivates me. I would have loved to become a Jeweler, but life seemed to have other plans. So, instead I worked my way through College as a salesperson for a retail jewelry store. After graduation, I found more gainful employment as an Internal Auditor for a Wall Street Investment Bank. No longer would I be able to work around precious metals and stones I thought, but life, as it always does, had another plan.

As good luck would have it, one of my clients within the Bank was their Precious Metals Depository. This is where the Precious Metals traded in the NYC commodities markets are physically stored for the accounts of their customers. The pulse within the place was palpable, and I loved working around the energy of all the silver, gold and other Precious Metals. Another perk of that job was that my office building was never too far of a walk (or so I told myself) from the NYC Diamond District - and walking down that Street was just...well, really fun.

It was really tempting, as well. Inevitably, I would be offered a great deal on a solitaire that I decided was irresistible or a perfectly matched pair of stones that I thought I could not live without. That part was easy. Then, I had to choose the right setting. To me, a precious stone is an artistic expression of the Earth and a setting of precious metal, a frame that perfectly complements it. Marrying art to frame is an art in and of itself. I LOVED the process, but struggled with it.

Fast forward many years....I was with my sons at the Waterford Juried Crafts Fair and we saw Stacey and her InBloom booth there. My younger son had just completed his Eagle Scout Project at The Braddock Heights Park directly behind Stacey's House and Studio, so I introduced them. Friendly and easy to talk with, Stacey and I chatted about his project, the community, this and that. I began to tell her about all the jewelry and stones I had from those years ago, and she encouraged me to make an appointment.

From the first moment I walked into the Studio, I could again feel that same captivating energy. The InBloom designs are modern and lovely, and I had so much fun as I tried on one after another, reimagining my stones in each. We discussed how the settings could be customized and Stacey made it easy for me to choose what felt just right. I had a beloved gold bracelet that I likely would have turned in for refining had she not been able to show me how it could be modified and updated. That was thrilling to see, and was the first project I decided upon! One appointment then turned into two, then three and beyond - and we completed many more projects together during 2020. While the anxiety caused by the Pandemic raged outside, the studio was a refuge of creative and joyful energy for me.

It is always easy to find the linings of silver that exist amidst the storm clouds if you know where to look.

With loving thanks to Stacey and InBloom.

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