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From Pakistan with Love

Thank you to our dear friend and artist Laura for sharing this fun heirloom repurpose project we did together this past year!

"In 1956, my parents lived in Karachi, Pakistan. As a labor advocate, my father worked with a group called The Asia Foundation. My mother was pregnant and gave birth to me there in July of that year. We moved back to the United States about 6 months later settling in Arlington, Virginia. Sadly, my father died from adult complications of the polio he endured beginning at age 13. My mother, who was 8 months pregnant with my brother at the time, became a single parent and raised us on her own."

"Fast forward 65 years. My parents' wedding rings sat inside my jewelry box as eternal mementos of their love story. After seeing an image of intertwined wedding bands Stacey Krantz had created for another customer, I realized we could collaborate on a similar style necklace for me. Stacey has fashioned multiple jewelry projects for me and family members from heirloom jewelry I inherited. I knew we could make something special from the wedding rings my parents wore."

"The necklace simply connects the two bands and features a small ruby (rescued from other unworn inherited jewelry) – my July birthstone. It hangs from two looped chains and rests close to my heart when it is worn. I love collaborating with Stacey. She understands the emotional value of each piece of heirloom jewelry and is a master of transforming it into incredible wearable art."

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