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From Hardly Worn to Daily Reminder

From Stacey:

A diamond this stunning deserves to be worn every day! We were all stunned when this beautiful remount came to life! Thank you, Jane, for Sharing:

From Jane:

"My Mom passed away in March 2009. She had a pear-shaped diamond solitaire ring that she always wore on her ring finger. After her passing, I had the diamond set in a necklace. I was checking my jewelry box one day and realized I hardly ever wore the necklace. I was in downtown Frederick and stopped by InBloom Jewelry, just browsing. A ring caught my eye, and it dawned on me that I should have my Mom's diamond set in a ring. Stacey worked with me to get the right size ring/setting for the diamond. Stacey and the entire staff were so pleasant, and their knowledge and expertise exceeded all expectations. I absolutely love the ring, and it is a constant reminder of my Mom. As a matter of fact, I have not taken it off since I picked it up."

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