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From Generations Ago

This was a fun and unique project, a pleasure to complete! Thank you Marj for Sharing.

"My story is about beads from generations ago. The gold beads were on a choker that was my maternal grandmother’s - which was uncomfortable to wear. The silver beads were mine, made special by a few teeth marks by my “baby” 35 years ago. The tiny pearls in the calla lilies were my mother’s and were also worn by my daughter and me when we were girls. The calla lilies hold a special place in my heart because my mother’s wedding bouquet in 1937 was made of those long stem beauties, as was mine. Stacey and I worked and reworked this necklace several times. My vision of it was not clear the first time. But after more thought, I knew what I wanted and Stacey redesigned the necklace to this beauty which I wear most every day. Wishing Stacey the best of luck as InBloom opens its doors in downtown Frederick!"

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