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Friendship and Marriage

One of my favorite pendants of 2021! So grateful to my longtime friend Tomara for offering to share her story.

"I’ve had the idea of somehow memorializing the diamonds from my engagement ring and wedding band for the past 11+ years since my husband died. They are such a strong reminder of the 25 years we were together before his passing. I suppose I wasn’t quite ready to change them; disassemble them from these beautiful symbols of our marriage.

I knew that when I made the decision to reassemble them into a piece I could wear forever and honor these memories, it would be by Stacey.

I’ve admired Stacey’s work for a long time. We have been friends since high school and even though we’ve lost touch over the years, I feel I know her kind spirit and energy. She was the only person I wanted to work with on this piece.

My children, Kade and Olivia, were the ones who finally helped me decide it was time to celebrate these symbols - reminders of all the memories Scott and I had during our 25-year friendship and marriage.

My daughter and I went to meet with Stacey and share the rings. Stacey knew right away how best to use these stones and create a simple, elegant design for a necklace I could wear every day, forever. I knew my rings were in good hands and would be reassembled into something that would become a family heirloom.

"In November of 2016 Scott was diagnosed with colorectal cancer which had metastasized to his lungs. He was 49. The next year was spent having radiation, chemotherapy and 3 surgeries. He was a fighter!! In early 2018 he had a clear scan and we felt immensely blessed that he had beat this horrible disease. Unfortunately within 2 months the cancer had returned very aggressively. "

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