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Floral Vintage

Thank you, Lauren! We loved creating this stunning, vintage-inspired anniversary ring for our client and Gallery Assistant. Lauren recently completed her Applied Jewelry Professional Certificate; please stop by on a Saturday and Congratulate her! We're so proud to have her on the InBloom Team.

I found InBloom Jewelry online and had been following them faithfully for years. They had unique jewelry I had never seen before. When our 15th wedding anniversary was approaching, it seemed like the perfect time to try their custom design process for a ring that my husband wanted to give me as a gift for our milestone wedding anniversary. I had been dreaming of a floral vintage-inspired one-of-a-kind piece with sapphires and diamonds. After going through my jewelry box, I found some earrings, rings, and a bracelet that I no longer wore...but they had some beautiful stones that I wanted to incorporate into the new ring. I wanted the sapphires to represent September, the month we were married, and use the other diamonds that came from other meaningful pieces.

Walking into the InBloom Jewelry studio felt so warm and inviting. The store is gorgeous, and the staff was so welcoming. It was wonderful to meet Stacey, as she is so talented, and quickly began sketching my dream design. She saw my vision and put her own creative twist on what I was thinking about. It was magical to see it come to life first on paper and then in the CAD design a few weeks later. From concept to creation, every step of the process was fun, inspiring, and truly unique. A few weeks later, we met a second time just to make a slight adjustment to the design to soften the look and make it more floral. Getting to try on the 3D-printed version of my ring was really special and allowed me to feel the ring on my finger prior to the final ring being completed. My husband also liked that he got to see the renderings along the way as well since they emailed us the CAD designs too.

When my ring was finished and presented to me, it was absolutely stunning and exceeded ALL of my expectations! It was amazing to see the finished product that is now a treasured family heirloom. The attention to detail and the hand-carved design work on the ring is spectacular. My daughter has already asked if it could be used as her wedding ring one day! I've always had a love of jewelry, and having a custom ring designed was something I had always wanted to do. Working with the InBloom team was phenomenal, and I am already thinking about what project we can design next. If you are thinking about making something unique - this is the team to work with. They can make your jewelry dreams come true!

Congratulations Lauren! We're so proud to have you on the team!


Lauren started working with InBloom in the fall of 2022. Lauren's passion for jewelry was inherited at an early age from her amazing mom and then led to a job during her high school and college years at Bailey, Banks & Biddle. Recently Lauren completed her "Applied Jewelry Professional" certification from the GIA Institute of America. After graduating from Elon University with a degree in Corporate Communications and a minor in Business Administration, Lauren had a 12-year career in the electronic healthcare industry. Lauren is married to her husband, Sean, and they have two daughters. One of her daughters was diagnosed as a baby with a rare genetic disorder called "Tuberous Sclerosis Complex," Epilepsy & Autism. Since her daughter's diagnosis, her family quickly connected with the TSC Alliance and National Epilepsy Foundation to begin volunteering, advocating, and fundraising for TSC and Epilepsy in their spare time. Lauren loves how jewelry can be a way to spread awareness for causes, can be your favorite part of your wardrobe, and can be a way to express your personality. She loves all things sparkly, especially vintage pieces and everything created at InBloom. She loves working with clients to find a unique gift or design their dream piece of jewelry!

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