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Faith & Renewal

I created these custom commitment rings a few years back. After seeing Deb this year for a new project, I was touched when she sent me her love story in the mail shortly after. Thank you so much for sharing!

"Ken and I met as teenagers and married just out of college. We have always been best friends and soulmates. We believed that our future together was certain, but in reaching a milestone anniversary of 40 years, we were faced with the reality that our marriage was badly damaged from neglect and selfishness. We failed to appreciate each other anymore.

Still, despite everything we loved each other, and we loved god. We turned to him in faith to help us rebuild our marriage and held tight to his promises of good ahead."

We recommitted to our relationship. We wanted new rings as symbols of the restoration of the oneness of our marriage. We were seeking something completely unique. When we found examples of your work on the web, we knew we had to find your studio. Your jewelry collection immediately resonated, and you were so welcoming, working closely to create the most beautiful rings for us.

Through this, we have learned that healing is often difficult, and it is always a process. We are proof that if you don't lose faith, renewal is possible. Looking at the beauty of my ring with its carved leaves and diamond sparkles, and the hammered textured simplicity of his, we have real joy. We thank you for being such a very important part of our love story journey.

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