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Expressive Embrace

I love this story from two wonderful longtime customers. Thank you for Sharing Frances and Ray!

 "We met on OKCupid. Our first date was August 22, 2008, the day after my 49th birthday. My Mom sent me a birthday card and wrote " 49 = 7 X 7 - this will be a lucky year for you!"

We met in the Hagerstown City Park. He brought me a coffee, we spent the rest of the day together and had a cheese steak at Rocky's.

Right away we hit it off - and the following January, we became engaged. We were married August 20, 2011, and each year we vacation for the week of my birthday and our anniversary.

One of our frequent weekend activities has always been going to art festivals. We met Stacey during these weekend jaunts and began to accumulate a collection of her beautiful nature-inspired jewelry.

Then, about four years ago, while I was on a business trip to New Orleans, my engagement ring diamond fell out of its setting. In the midst of a discussion, I glanced down and realized that my diamond was gone. I gasped, announced what I had just discovered, and the meeting paused.

With my coworkers scanning the carpet, I began to retrace my steps. When I looked down into the drop box of the coke machine, there was my diamond shining up at me. What a stroke of luck!

We took the old ring and the diamond to Stacey and told her the story. She determined to design a setting that I would no longer have to worry about. We chose the expressive embrace of natural elements in iris leaves, and the use of white and rose gold to pair with our bands."

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