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Creating New Life for Treasured Items

Taking a portion of something vintage and creating a wearable piece is recycling at its best. I was able to do this with multiple pieces from Sharon’s inherited collection and also redesign her wedding rings. I love the chevron post earrings I removed from her original wedding set!

“The project we worked on together was important to me because we took my original engagement ring from nearly 25 years before and created something beautiful and new. Just as relationships change over time, so do styles and tastes in jewelry. We incorporated an 18 karat gold ring from a trip to Italy as a couple of bezels for my new ring."

"We also used stones from other pieces that sat in my jewelry box. I had a beautiful brooch that had belonged to my great aunt, as well as an antique ring that my mom gave me. Stacey was able to make two sets of earrings from my original wedding set. Plus, Stacey made a necklace from part of my Aunt Mary’s brooch. Not to mention, my gorgeous new wedding set which has elements from several of my loved ones. Working with Stacey was wonderful. She breathed new life into my jewelry. I love it!”

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