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Butterfly Visitor

Colleen’s joyful energy made this project especially fun. Collaboration with others; that unique synergy of ideas and vision, is what makes this work so dynamic. She had an idea for a necklace to wear on her 40th vow renewal ceremony. She wanted to add to a necklace gifted by her husband to create a cascading piece that complimented her beautiful dress. They had an inspiring 40th anniversary celebration that included a visit from a butterfly.

“Working directly with you; co-creating with your ever-present, generous, empathic spirit, was my favorite part. I was amazed at how quickly you found the exact chain, gems and casings to replicate what I gave you to work with. And on the big day, I got more compliments on the necklace than the dress!!!"

During the ceremony a butterfly flew around us in a 2 full circle rotation as we exchanged our vows before landing on the table where we lit candles to invite 18 of our loved ones from the cosmic realm. So our union was blessed by the cosmos flying in on butterfly wings!”


"With every cell of this body, feeling of this heart, atom of this spirit and action of this life I consecrate to this ❤️LOVE"

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