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We had so much fun working with Brittain's fiancé to pull off this surprise last year! Thank you, Brittain for Sharing.

"My Great Grandma, lovingly called “Bun”, was one of the most influential figures in my life. She helped to raise my Mom and also lived with us at our family farm for most of my life. When she passed in 2010 she left me a pearl ring that belonged to her for as long as she could remember. I wore the pearl ring every day as a reminder of her love and impact on me and my family."

"As my boyfriend and I began getting serious about our relationship and future life together, I started thinking about what type of engagement ring I would like. I dreamt about designing my own ring using my Bun’s setting, removing the pearl and adding a diamond. I had no idea if this would be possible, but I had a vision for what it would look like and couldn't let the idea go.

 In August of 2021, while shopping in downtown Frederick, I stopped into InBloom on a whim to pitch my ring idea and see what they thought and to see if it was even possible. Stacey was immediately accommodating and helpful. Within the hour she had turned my dream ring into a vision of reality."

"After taking my ring and removing the pearl, they reached out to my then-boyfriend (now fiance!) to get his input and worked with him to pick the perfect diamond. He knows absolutely nothing about jewelry, but the staff at InBloom made his selection process seamless. The process took only a few short weeks, and he picked up the ring over a long weekend in Wolfsville in October."

"In November of 2021, he surprised me at a family reunion and popped the question in front of dozens of family and friends. I was amazed when I saw the ring and started asking so many questions about it that he had to tell me to stop so he could ask me to marry him! Overall we had an amazing experience with InBloom. They made my dream vision come to life, and helped me keep a storied piece of family history with me at all times in this new stage of my life."

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