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Becoming Us

We loved creating these beautiful rings for Saffron and Sarah last year!

Read their story in Saffron's words:

"Ten years ago, Sarah was convinced by a friend to put her quiet, shy, high standard, recently single self out there on a well-known dating app to see what would happen. Meanwhile, Saffron was getting nowhere in the DC dating scene, so she joined a few dating apps to broaden her options."

"After several dismal meet-ups, Saff came across a profile that was different: a stunningly attractive, deep, artistic, seemingly honest, blue-eyed woman who was just one hour away in Maryland."

"Saff messaged her right away and Sarah messaged back! A short week later after virtual, daily communication, Sarah drove down to the city to meet Saff in person."

"…Neither woman dated anyone else again, and after a few short months admitted to themselves and to the world that they were ridiculously in love and destined to be soulmates."

"For the next year, they dated long distance, only being able to see each other for 24 hours on the weekends due to work schedules, distance, and Saff’s number one priority, her daughter Sophie. Then only four months after Maryland made marriage legal for all, Saffron and Sarah tied the knot!"

"Recently, Saffron meandered into In Bloom, and after taking in the artistry, style, and as a result of speaking to Stacey about having developed allergies and looking for new ring options, she knew she had found the right goldsmith and new long-term ring solution! It was time for Sarah’s ring to get an upgrade as well. Stacy envisioned how Saff’s ring could become Sarah’s ring while maintaining the symbolism of Sarah’s original, which had the imprint of the latitude and longitude halfway point of the distance that used to exist between them."

"Saffron was able to use the salt and pepper diamond from her original engagement ring as well as the small white diamonds and add a sapphire in her favorite color, “new leaf” green, to incorporate into the branches and jewels ring design to signify their love story and their shared love of nature. Even the casing for the diamond on the original ring, which needed to be removed for Sarah’s newly imagined ring, was saved and became a beautiful keepsake necklace for Saff."

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