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A Tangled Affair

Karen is the owner of a local yarn shop, Yarnability, in Harpers Ferry, WV. We loved helping her create the perfect yarn-inspired ring to celebrate achieving her goals. Thank you, Karen, for sharing! Visit her website here:

I have watched, liked, and loved InBloom jewelry on social media for a few years. I stumbled upon Stacey’s work and immediately loved the uniqueness and individualized concepts given to each piece. I have been holding onto a diamond for the last 15 years since it was handed down to me. I am the 3rd generation to own this stone. During those 15 years, I also had personal financial goals to achieve. Being a driven person, I often think practically before romantically. Given this mindset, I safeguarded my stone all of this time in hopes of creating something of my own once my goals were achieved. Since we never know where life will take us, in 2012, I found myself helping out (for fun) and then working in a small yarn store. Over the next 5 years, I learned the ins and outs of the business, always wanting to know more. 

Then in 2017, I became the new owner of Yarnability, currently located off Rt. 340 in Harpers Ferry, WV. This unexpected new adventure has brought me lessons in patience, flexibility, life, money, and growth. It has also provided me with endless hours of creativity, friendship, and community. When Stacey posted her woven ring design online, I immediately said, “That’s my yarn ball!” The ring design was reminiscent of my business logo but in jewelry form. I met with Stacey at her shop and brought along my stones. I had finally achieved the personal goals I had set in place 15 years prior. It was time to do something special! So, here I was in November 2022, ready to create something of my own.

Stacey is a reader of people and she responds with gorgeous art in the form of jewelry to tell your story. My story is intertwined with gold strands of “yarn,” encompassing the large diamond for myself that was handed down to me. The smaller 3 diamonds were taken from a necklace, and earring set my husband gifted to me before we were married. They represent my husband, my daughter, and the closest of friends who provide me with the support to be myself unapologetically. And the interspersed London blue topaz accents are the community that has surrounded me during this adventure. London blue topaz is the jewel of love and loyalty, it represents everlasting love and friendship. Thank you Stacey and staff, for bringing my story to life, it is a constant reminder of my achievements and my support.

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