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A Surprise Birthday Dinner

We gladly conspired with Noah to find the perfect engagement ring, and so loved hearing about the proposal from both Noah and Kendall! Congrats to the happy couple.

Noah and I met in an unconventional way through Christian online dating seven months ago. It didn't take us very long to know that we were meant for each other. In fact, the day we met Noah texted his mom during our date saying, "I think I met my wife." From then on, our love for each other grew deeply and we knew we wanted to get married soon. This February, I was a little suspicious of a proposal when my family and his got together the night Noah was taking me out to a surprise birthday dinner. In my mind, I thought perhaps he was going to propose during our meal. That didn't happen so I dropped the idea in my mind, not wanting to bring my hopes up and enjoy the night he planned.

 It was already amazing and special. Once we settled at home with all of our family together, my mother brought out the cake and started singing happy birthday. I blew out the candles and looked next to Noah to see him on one knee with the most gorgeous ring I'd ever seen. Shocked, I jumped back and gasped. He was crying as he asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes in front of our families. It was a happy night of tears, laughter, and praises to God for this joyous day. And wow! The ring! So elegant, so romantic, and sweet. Truly, the ring reflects the love we have for each other - pure, beautiful, and timeless. Thank you, Stacey, Ashley, and the whole team, for making this special day possible!


Comments from Noah: "Everyone was so knowledgeable, professional, quick, and easy when it came to choosing the perfect ring. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it."

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