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A Must-Have Piece

We loved creating this custom set to match our client's vintage "must-have" piece. Her love of fine & vintage jewelry is a shared passion at InBloom, and we always love when she stops in!

"How did my love of Vintage Jewelry begin? My love for Vintage Jewelry started when I was a little girl. I was given a wooden box with some of my Grandma Annie's Jewelry. It is one of those beautiful wooden boxes with a scene painted on the top and a little mirror inside. I still have the box today, and the costume crystal necklace and a floral pin still sit inside today. My Aunt Evelyn gave me the special box, and I loved the jewelry when I opened the box and still do today. My Aunt Evelyn always wore beautiful costume jewelry to compliment her daily business outfits. I would often be able to play dress up with some of the pieces. From these experiences in my life, my love of Vintage Jewelry began.

 I'll walk into a Custom and Estate Jewelry Shop, and I can immediately pick out a "Must Have Piece." I admire the unique designs, craftsmanship, and history of Vintage Jewelry and Gems. The latest acquisition is a beautiful Art Deco Brooch of exquisite design set with a dramatic Tourmaline that Stacey had on consignment! Yes, I fell in Love! Upon acquiring the brooch (now a pendant), I decided I just had to have Stacey design a unique ring and pair of earrings to match! Stacey had her Gem Dealer locate beautiful matching stones in Brazil. Voila! Masterpieces were created as only Stacey can do. How absolutely stunning the set is. I will have a wonderful time wearing the set on Special Occasions and thinking about the history of the piece and the Love behind it as well as the creation of the new "Love Story Set" for the future.

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