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A Mother-Daughter Love Like No Other

Memory pieces present an interesting design challenge. I always start with the question, "What is the best way to represent both loved ones while remaining wearable? Simplicity usually is the best path.

“My Mom, Jewel, was like no other. Our Mother-daughter love was as complicated as any could be as we journeyed through being the only girls in a house with three brothers growing up. She was strong, proud, opinionated, beautiful and accomplished. Most of the compliments she paid me were the ones I heard her share with others.

 She was strong and didn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, but she was a fierce warrior and defender of those she loved. She took such good care of us that I didn’t even learn how to cook (or appreciate her cooking) until she passed on her recipes in her final days. My literal brain had trouble absorbing a “handful” of this and a “dash” of that."

"Mom always looked beautiful and wouldn’t go out of the house, nor let me, without make-up, quaffed hair, or stunning jewelry. She would buy jewelry at estate sales often. The purple stone in the original ring was one of her favorites and every time I looked at it, memories of her smile and vibrance came to mind. I will forever be her little girl, as the diamond represents. She comes to me in dreams (still telling me what to do) and I love it”

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