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A Long Island Proposal

After the 6th hug I stopped counting. Pete was by far THE most demonstrably appreciative client to date. He has an infectious smile only rivaled by Anne’s. What fun I had helping him get the perfect diamond and design for her rings without her suspecting a thing.

“Pete and I started dating in 2008 and had been together for several years, were very happy, had discussed getting married but it wasn’t something that was a priority for us. We were going along happily in September of 2017 when we decided to go to my old hometown in Long Island, NY to celebrate my birthday for a long weekend. I hadn’t been back since I had moved away 30 years ago so it was going to be a nice sentimental weekend."

 "In the meantime, Pete had made other plans, he decided he wanted to surprise me with a marriage proposal that weekend. Unbeknownst to me, Pete had been secretly working with my longtime friend Stacey Krantz to surprise me with a special and lovingly made engagement ring. On a gorgeous September night in Southampton, NY Pete finally revealed what was to be a life-changing and wonderful surprise. A surprise made even more special by the fact that he had been secretly working with Stacey for weeks."

 "When I asked Pete later, he told me that he had known long before he ever proposed that, when the day came, it would be Stacey who would design the ring. Neither one of us had been married before, having waited until our mid-40s, and he wanted this to be just right. He had noticed I was always wearing Stacey’s jewelry and he thought it would be special to have a ring designed by her. He was right!! Every time I look at my finger, I think of what a special heartfelt piece I have, and it just makes me smile.”

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