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A Little Piece of Them

Both of these projects are great examples of memorial & Heirloom redesign. Thank you, Teresa, for sharing!

"I came to meet Stacey shortly after my mother passed away from cancer in the spring of 2021. My dad passed away unexpectedly back in 2017. Ultimately I inherited my parent's wedding band and engagement ring as well as my great-grandmother's engagement ring. I wanted to incorporate those pieces together and create something very special to remember my parents.

Our first project together Stacey created the gorgeous petal ring for me using the stones from my mother's and great-grandmother's rings. My petal ring turned out beautifully and has such a special meaning. One day it will belong to my daughter Rachel and will continue to be passed down. My Mom loved creative, beautiful jewelry and would be thrilled by Stacey's work.

Our second project Stacey had a vision of using my parent's wedding band to incorporate some of the diamonds from her other rings and set those inside of their wedding band to create a pendant. Stacey was able to retain the inscription inside the band which includes their names, Loretta and Bruce, and the date of their wedding, 11-14-64.

Whenever I put on this pendant, I think of my parents, and I feel like it's a little piece of them that I carry with me. I have received so many compliments on my petal ring and pendant. I love them both so much! I am so very thankful I met Stacey. Both Stacey and her staff are wonderful to work with and I can hardly wait to work on my next project!

She thought of everything! From the pendant to the chain, she knew exactly what would work to make the timeless keepsake I had in mind. I couldn't have been happier with the finished product! It means so much to me that I will have a piece of my grandparents with me to wear not only for my wedding but for years to come.

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